Friday, May 1, 2009


Here I have made an attempt to compile a list of Best Websites.

  • This site contains an extensive list of sites sorted into a huge number of categories.
  • In each category, all the best sites are taken. This sites also are top ranked in web search.
Updates on improvements and future work: (updated on 10th June, 2009):
  • The basic data is used from a old collection, so some sites may be not properly listed.
  • Currently I am in the process of cleaning up such links. -This clean up process is complete till Others category. Have also separated Indian sites in some of them.
  • In the next step I will updating the list with latest data, adding new sites. This will happen category wise in steps.
  • After that will be adding more categories, so wait for more :)
  • Your valuable comments are welcome! They will indeed help in in improving my effort.
  • Check the various categories below:

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